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My place at "Let's Talk About Food"

I've been pimping for the Museum of Science's "Let's Talk About Food" festival because I think it's going to be terrific: It's at a great spot on the Charles, with tons of exhibitors, dollops of foodie celebrity, meaningful discussion on issues that matter to everyone, and even a brilliantly conceived "food-truck food court." Oh, and it's free.

Update from the (former) "gay gainer"

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I published an interview I did with Zack Jordan, whom I met when he reached out to me on Facebook after reading my book. He told me he was a "gay gainer," someone who tries to gain mondo weight because he thinks it would fulfill him.

This morning, I got this from him, which I'm sharing with his permission:

"The Stan Simpson Show"

I am the guest of a longtime former colleague, Stan Simpson, on his WTIC-TV interview show on Saturday, but we taped the show Wednesday evening and video is already posted online. This links only to the first of three segments, but the other links appear just below the video window.

It was fabulous to spend time with Stan, as well as to say hello to several pals in the adjoining Hartford Courant newsroom. I was at the Courant from '84 to '93, and it was, in many ways, the best place I ever worked.

World news, if only for today

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So yeah, it's a big time for us. Not only did UConn win (I was a Nutmegger for 9 years), but it was our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday!

But yes, I'm also referring to the above story, which ran last night on ABC's "World News Tonight." It came together quickly; I saw the producer's e-mail about 2:10, and I had arrived back home for perhaps 10 minutes when the videographer arrived, 20 minutes early, at 3:25.


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