Crazy eating

I point you toward, where proprietor Scott Davis has filed the first part of his "Confessions of a compulsive eater." This excerpt should tell you that he and I are of an ilk:

At my peak weight in 2006, I rented a small house in rural Pennsylvania. My nearest friend was a 30 minute drive west, and I telecommuted for work. My friend visited sometimes, once commenting that the house smelled like a hamster cage. His observation wasn’t surprising since I rarely left the recliner for over an hour and I never cleaned. I’d toss dozens of empty pizza boxes and other binge eating evidence down the basement steps before he arrived.
I played a lot of stupid games with food service employees during that time. Attributing part or all of my orders to fictional people was part of my routine. I now realize that my stealth ordering likely wasn’t fooling anyone into thinking my 500-lb. frame was the result of bad luck.

If you've read the first four pages of "Fat Boy Thin Man," this is familiar stuff.

As I'm quoting him here, he quotes me there, at his blog. Thanks for the mention, Scott.

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