Update from the BBC

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Earlier, I reported that I'd been interviewed for about an hour from London by the BBC show "Horizon," which is equivalent to PBS's "Nova." Yes, it was pretty exciting.

They called back a while later and said, yes, they wanted to interview me on camera during their visit to the States to film a story on food addiction, and there followed a second hourlong phone interview, this time with the show's director.

Interviewed by BBC's "Horizon"

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It is a truism in newspaper journalism that no matter what the plan for tomorrow's paper is, it is undependable until ink actually hits paper. By that standard, basically nothing happened just now.

But, I just spent an hour being interviewed by the BBC show "Horizon," which I'm told is the equivalent of PBS's "Nova," a show I've been watching and admiring for 30 years.

Indiana TV station looks at food addiction

It's a little weird following Indiana TV reporter Jenny Anchondo on Twitter, because she tweets things like "Right two lanes of I-65 SB closed near Keystone Ave. due to crash," and "When @Fox59sjones is happy, everybody is happy. He got a 2 for 1 from the vending machine today. #Score."

Processed sugar's weak, inane defenders

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The LA Times dropped into the sugar-toxicity discussion last week, clearly spurred by the attention that Dr. Robert Lustig is winning on the "yes, sugar is bad for you" side. But of course, journalists always strive to balance their inquiries with opposing views, and those are the comments I want to share with you.


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