Fat Boy Thin Man

Fat Boy Thin Man cover

Michael’s first book uses memoir techniques to explain and validate the existence of food addiction, as well as to lay out its implications both for individuals and the world. “Fat Boy Thin Man” reached No. 2 in the "eating disorders" and "drug dependency" categories, and No. 40 in the Amazon universe.

"A compelling description of the process of addiction." ~ Joseph Frascella, National Institute on Drug Abuse

"A poignant, compassionate, and humorous page-turner." ~ Joan Ifland, Refined Food Addiction Research Foundation

"Binge reading! I read this book in one sitting, gorging on it chapter after chapter, even though I knew I'd be sorry the next morning. I just couldn't help myself. Prager gets me inside his cravings, even though I have no experience with anything like his addictions." ~ Cephus / 5 stars

"Prager's skills as a journalist and his struggle with addiction make this a ‘must read’ if you or someone you love cannot separate themselves from a destructive relationship with food." ~ Martin Lerner, chief executive and clinical director, Milestones in Recovery, a Florida treatment center

"This book should not only interest individuals who have failed classical diets and are looking for answers, but also for physicians who are interested in helping the obese subject lose weight." ~ Dr. Richard Johnson, University of Colorado researcher and professor and author of "The Sugar Fix, The High Fructose Fallout That ls Making You Sick and Fat"

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Michael Prager is honest and candid about his struggle with, and victory over food. He takes you on his journey from childhood to adulthood and shares how it was like, what happened and how it is now. I found I could relate thoroughly to his struggles and I am inspired by his story!" ~ D. Cole

"This book is for anyone, not just those with weight issues. It's for everyone who longs to let go of control and pre-conceived ideas about life. It's for anyone who wants to strengthen a relationship w/ him or herself. For those with weight issues, this book is essential." ~ Sara M. Bull

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