My place at "Let's Talk About Food"

I've been pimping for the Museum of Science's "Let's Talk About Food" festival because I think it's going to be terrific: It's at a great spot on the Charles, with tons of exhibitors, dollops of foodie celebrity, meaningful discussion on issues that matter to everyone, and even a brilliantly conceived "food-truck food court." Oh, and it's free.

But I've also assumed some "ownership" for the museum's whole two-year LTAF program, though only in a spiritual sense: It isn't actually "mine" at all, and I don't want all the people who've worked to establish it and make it something very worthwhile to think that I think even a scintilla of its success is my doing. What I mean is that I've been to three of its events, have been impressed/informed/enlightened/entertained by them, and I want all this goodness to thrive and spread.

But Saturday, at least, I have some further self-interest going on as well: In the crassly commercial category, I've gotten a spot in the authors' tent, from 2-2:30, and I hope to sell and sign a few copies of "Fat Boy Thin Man."

But also, I'll be an "expert conversant." (It's their term, not mine. I dunno about expertise, but people who know me know I sure like to talk.) The conversants will be slightly more sanctioned to join Endless Table conversations in the nutrition area, but the whole point of the Endless Table is that anyone who wants should join in, so it's a very slight distinction.

I hope you'll come by, to listen and/or contribute, as you like. If you do, please say hi.

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