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Author and corporate wellness innovator
Michael Prager helps smart companies
and their employees thrive by improving —
and sustaining — their health and wellbeing.

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For business clients, Michael is much more than just an inspiring corporate wellness speaker. His comprehensive follow-up coaching programs help employees stay motivated and maintain their results for both personal fulfillment and business success. Visit Michael’s Corporate Wellness Officer’s page.

He offers:    • seminars    • group and individual coaching    • breakout sessions   
• moderation & facilitation    • keynote speeches.

While companies are increasingly investing in employee wellness, they often stumble with:    • low employee participation    • results that are not sustained.

Michael’s innovative approach addresses both challenges.

• His empowering message reaches a broad base of employees – far beyond the typical narrow, limiting silos of obesity, stress, smoking and exercise where other speakers focus.

• His insights into the root causes of wellness challenges and the importance of a wholistic, sustainable way of life connect with employees’ self-interest.

• And his expertise as a coach helps employees maintain their results long after his initial presentation.