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Interviewed by BBC's "Horizon"

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It is a truism in newspaper journalism that no matter what the plan for tomorrow's paper is, it is undependable until ink actually hits paper. By that standard, basically nothing happened just now.

But, I just spent an hour being interviewed by the BBC show "Horizon," which I'm told is the equivalent of PBS's "Nova," a show I've been watching and admiring for 30 years.

Un-dieting advice, part 3 | Take it seriously

You may know that I've begun a series of short videos offering dieting advice that doesn't focus on food. As you (should) know, I'm not a nutritionist, or researcher, or clinician, and I have no desire whatsoever to advise others on food plans. What I am is a person with the experiences having been very fat for decades and then having escaped that obesity, also for decades (so far).

Un-dieting advice

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I've posted the first in a series of videos, all about 5 minutes, in which I talk about methods or practices or attitudes that have helped me lose 155 pounds and, more importantly, to keep my body at normal size for 20 years.

The series is meant to supplement how I'm able to spread the ideas in my book, "Fat Boy Thin Man."

I'm always looking for feedback and dialogue, so let me know what you think. And, if you like, please share.

Different triggers, remedies for overeating

Some people I know — including myself, of course — self-identify as food addicts. Other people I know have many of the same symptoms and problems, but they self-identify as compulsive eaters. There are lots of other names, too: problem eater, emotional eater, night eater, binger, grazer, and so on.

Again with the promotions

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I taped an interview about "Fat Boy Thin Man" a few weeks ago with Smoki Bacon, a Boston cultural institution, for her show "The Literati Scene" at her Beacon Hill home. It will be telecast tonight at 7:30, and again at 9:30 tomorrow morning, on Channel 23 in Boston. It also will appear, though at different times, on better than a dozen other local Boston outlets. See here for a roster of outlets, if not a list of showtimes.

Obesity isn't THE problem, but often is A problem

I occasionally check in with writer/dancer/advocate Ragen Chastain, who blogs at danceswithfat.com, even though we have some basic differences. A recent post  headlined, "Why Weight Loss Is Not The Solution," followed up on another entry, "Obesity Is Not The Problem," and both notions fit right into a theme I've been wanting to develop for a while.

What might self-talk reveal?

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I recently heard from “Joan,” whom I’ve met through publication of “Fat Boy Thin Man.” Though she’s quite aware that whatever I can share is limited by my experience and not informed by scientific study, we often settle into mentor/newcomer roles. Here’s a deconstruction of excerpts from her most recent letter, because sometimes our underlying thinking reveals quite a lot that we might not otherwise recognize:


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