World news, if only for today

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So yeah, it's a big time for us. Not only did UConn win (I was a Nutmegger for 9 years), but it was our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday!

But yes, I'm also referring to the above story, which ran last night on ABC's "World News Tonight." It came together quickly; I saw the producer's e-mail about 2:10, and I had arrived back home for perhaps 10 minutes when the videographer arrived, 20 minutes early, at 3:25.

ABC News Online also did a piece, for which I was interviewed about 1:45 while cruising the aisles at Home Depot, which kept Joe's attention while I answered questions.

Unlike other electronic exposures so far, this one had a dramatic attention effect:Top traffic days for both this blog and at, and book sales moved enough over night to lift it to No. 5 on Amazon in both the eating disorders and drug dependency.

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