Clifford, a big, red food addict?

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A couple of decades in recovery from food addiction has taught me that it's an illness best self-diagnosed, because — well, to speak for my own experience, until I conceded that I had it, I sure wasn't going to do anything about it.

Having said that, I think that Clifford the Big Red Dog may have issues.

Role-modeling begins at home

In a previous post, I waded into the lives of Wisconsin news reader Jennifer Livingston and the unkind words addressed to her by a viewer, Kenneth Krause. As I said then, my inclination was to skip by it because I am constitutionally averse to the predictable, and my impression was that this was that.

But the more I considered, I realized that Livingston’s on-air retort, and the groundswell of support for her, were obscuring issues that are better off aired.

Being fat is not good, even if it's a right

I was thinking of skipping over the kerfuffle about the obese Wisconsin news anchor’s response to the comments by the critical, personal-injury-lawyer fitness freak, but I haven’t blogged all week, and that’s what’s up right now.

My reactions — at least the ones I want to share — are not the typical ones. But if they were, that’d only be greater reason to take a pass.

Colbert Report is just oh so witty

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There is clever, there is brilliant, and there is transcendent. This, which riffs off the Times story on how Target knew a teenager was pregnant before her father did, is all that, even in the context of how often they are so clever, and especially in the context of having to do a show every day:


Food addiction shows up on "Dr. Oz"

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On the "Dr. Oz" episode on food addiction that ran this week, the news for my peeps and I was good, generally. More than three times as many respondents to an online poll said they think they might be addicted to food than those who said they don’t think they are. And by a ratio of more than 3-1, respondents consider food addiction as serious as addictions to drugs and alcohol.


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