Audio from "Where We Live"

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Even though it was a great hour of radio, I've been lax in linking to the audio from my appearance Monday on "Where We Live," the hourlong show on WNPR-FM and Connecticut Public Radio. Though I've no reason to, it could be I'm getting blase about such appearances. Even though I have no reason to. I love doing them, and I'm grateful for each opportunity.

Crop to Cuisine interview

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Dov Hirsch's interview with me on his show, "Crop To Cuisine," ran a week ago, but I'm only getting around to posting it today. In fact, I just listened to it myself and am very pleeased with their handling of my comments; I'm eager for you to hear it.

The interview commences about 8:30 into the show.

I'm a pundit!

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I'll be appearing on the "Pundit Review" show Sunday night at 6 on WRKO-AM 680 in Boston. Thanks to host Kevin Whalen for the invite.

Imagine that: I'll be speaking from the same studios that Howie Carr uses. Yet another experience I never contemplated.

Please listen!

Audio from "Healthy Voice"

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Thank you to Meredith Terpeluk for inviting me to be the first guest on her "Healthy Voice" show. We talked about being obese and overcoming it, and at Meredith's request, I also gave a couple of tips for surviving Thanksgiving. Here's the audio.

Please listen and, if you find it useful or entertaining, share.


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