Interviewed by BBC's "Horizon"

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It is a truism in newspaper journalism that no matter what the plan for tomorrow's paper is, it is undependable until ink actually hits paper. By that standard, basically nothing happened just now.

But, I just spent an hour being interviewed by the BBC show "Horizon," which I'm told is the equivalent of PBS's "Nova," a show I've been watching and admiring for 30 years.

I'm excited just for the chance to have contributed to a serious, mass-distribution inquiry about food addiction. As I understand it, the show they're preparing is not only about food addiction, but is part of a larger inquiry about obesity. As it should be.

But at the end of the interview, the reporter asked me if I'd be willing to be on camera, and I said sure. (Big surprise, right? The whole idea is to share the message.) And that would be a big opportunity.

All she did was ask, and a thousand things could derail the idea before it comes real. Heck, they could bring their cameras to Boston and shoot lots of video, and still not use it, and we're still only at the "what part of the States is home?" stage. So nothing's set, but it's a delicious possibility.

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