Un-dieting advice, part 4 | Do the minimum

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Over the years, people have occasionally opined that the kit of actions that has allowed me to lose 155 pounds and keep it off 20 years is "a lot." 'Course, "a lot" is a relative term, but not a useful one necessarily. "A little" or "a lot" both miss the point of a desired outcome; "enough" is the only thing that matters:

If you want an outcome, are you doing enough to get it?

And how do you know if it's enough? Within a wholesome range, you can judge by results.

If you're getting the results you want, you're doing enough.

Legitimacy for food addiction

This isn't my only thought on the subject, or even the primary one; I expect to pen that in the next day or two. But I see legitimate, informed citations of food addiction — as opposed to dumb tweets such as "OMG, cayenne-encrusted popcorn shrimp balls dipper in cranberry honey mustard, my new food addiction! — almost every day. Here's another one, from Nourish, a short video featuring Dr. Nadine Burke.

Un-dieting advice, part 3 | Take it seriously

You may know that I've begun a series of short videos offering dieting advice that doesn't focus on food. As you (should) know, I'm not a nutritionist, or researcher, or clinician, and I have no desire whatsoever to advise others on food plans. What I am is a person with the experiences having been very fat for decades and then having escaped that obesity, also for decades (so far).

Colbert Report is just oh so witty

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There is clever, there is brilliant, and there is transcendent. This, which riffs off the Times story on how Target knew a teenager was pregnant before her father did, is all that, even in the context of how often they are so clever, and especially in the context of having to do a show every day:


Un-dieting advice

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I've posted the first in a series of videos, all about 5 minutes, in which I talk about methods or practices or attitudes that have helped me lose 155 pounds and, more importantly, to keep my body at normal size for 20 years.

The series is meant to supplement how I'm able to spread the ideas in my book, "Fat Boy Thin Man."

I'm always looking for feedback and dialogue, so let me know what you think. And, if you like, please share.


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