Again with the promotions

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I taped an interview about "Fat Boy Thin Man" a few weeks ago with Smoki Bacon, a Boston cultural institution, for her show "The Literati Scene" at her Beacon Hill home. It will be telecast tonight at 7:30, and again at 9:30 tomorrow morning, on Channel 23 in Boston. It also will appear, though at different times, on better than a dozen other local Boston outlets. See here for a roster of outlets, if not a list of showtimes.

Jack LaLanne, visionary

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During a conference on obesity in Bainbridge Island, Wash., a couple of years ago, the organizers invited Jack LaLanne to come before us Saturday night and be interviewed for our benefit, after which he accepted questions from the audience. (The story I wrote for the Associated Press is here, at my other, former blog.)

To start the session off, our host showed this video, which prompted a sustained, full-throated ovation from the attendees:

Demons and food addction

Originally I wanted to make fun of this guy, Dattatreya Siva Baba, and he's still campy by Western standards, but his theory isn't too far from what I subscribe to, albeit with different frames of reference.

The description on the site where I "found" the clip said that "the main reason we are attracted to the wrong food is because negative forces or demons make us unconscious and we consume food that is bad for us."


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