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Colbert Report is just oh so witty

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There is clever, there is brilliant, and there is transcendent. This, which riffs off the Times story on how Target knew a teenager was pregnant before her father did, is all that, even in the context of how often they are so clever, and especially in the context of having to do a show every day:


Same idea, different source

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The previous post expressed pleasure at the latest anti-clean-coal ad released by the Alliance for Climate Protection, and semi-giggled over the prospect of "my" side having the cash to match an evil-industry group's ability to puts its view before a slack-jawed television nation.

This one will semi-giggle about "my" side having a firm-enough foothold in the zeitgeist that entertainment television can find profit in creating the same sort of energy-titan spoofs that the "Reality" ads are doing.

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