The call comes in from Lansing, Mich.

It's rarer these days than it used to be, to get a radio call seeking an interview about "Thin Boy Fat Man," but I got one May 2 (and am only getting around to posting the audio from it today). Thanks to Michael Cohen from WILS in Lansing, Mich., not only for asking but for being very well informed. That's not always the case. Link to audio segment (about 7 minutes).

What my audience thought of me

Immediately after I completed my presentation to about 50 students at Middletown High School in Connecticut Tuesday, someone I was working alongside offered, “Tough crowd. It’s hard to get through to teenagers,” and that may sometimes be. But when my wife asked how it went (she called special, in the middle of day; ain’t she sweet?), I said I just didn’t know.

But now I do, thanks to scans of student-feedback forms sent to me by the organizer, and it’s better than my evenhanded skepticism would have surmised. 

"Fed Up" quotes: Bill Clinton says...

Bill Clinton (provided by Clinton Foundation)Here's the last quote from "Fed Up" I have to offer, but of course I didn't capture them all. See the film when you get the chance, and pick out the quotes that strike home for you. Here's one of several gems from Bill Clinton, who was asked why the government isn't doing more:

"I can't answer that. America is insufficiently alert to the damage we're doing due to excess sugar intake."

Clinton, who has notably gone vegetarian since leaving the White House, looks substantially more healthful in this movie than many might remember him.

The mob tried to kill Sammy Davis Jr.?

This content is entirely out of context on this blog, but I was interested, anyway.

As a kid, I read “Yes, I Can,” Sammy Davis Jr.’s autobiography, several threads of which have remained in memory for decades since. (From a writer’s perspective, that’s impressive, and I hope words I’ve written may also stay etched in readers’ memories for that long.) One tale that, not surprisingly, has survived is the account of his auto accident that cost him sight in one eye.

Give to two outposts in the fight again our food dysfunctions

Two groups that I not only express my endorsement for, but have actually given money to are conducting short-term fundraisers right now, so of course, I am giving again, and I would like you to give as well.

City Sprouts partners with schools to include gardens in core curriculums, one of those simple, elegant, and deep ideas that everyone should love.

"Fed Up" quotes: Dr. Harvey Karp says...

The "Fed Up" documentary I saw now more than a week ago continues to provide content (IMO) worth sharing; I've still got a couple of quotes left after this one. The Laurie David/Katie Couric documentary on the obesity epidemic is still not out in wide release, but when it is, I recommend it. Today's killer quote is from Dr. Harvey Karp, author of "The Happiest Baby on the Block":

"If a foreign nation were doing this to our kids, we’d probably go to war. So why do we let our own country do it?"



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