A good salary isn't enough, and never has been

This article is by Gallup, which has been investigating rates and reasons for employee engagement for a number of years. I especially like this passage, after its seven practices of well-engaged companies are laid out:

Many make the mistake of prioritizing the easy, shiny stuff -- hip office space, remote work arrangements, and inventive benefits -- over the elements that will strengthen emotional ties and connect employees more deeply to their managers, teams, and companies. Pity them. If they manage to survive and compete, it will be despite their miserable and confused staff.

People are not widgets. We are part of wholes — whole person, whole community, whole universe — and those who acknowledge and connect to that fact profit by doing so. Paying workers money will go a long way; clearly, pay matters to people. But most people need and want a fullness that money can't buy, just like it can't buy happiness. 

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