ABA on the phone

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From my friend Marty Lerner, major domo at the Florida treatment center Milestones In Recovery, I learned of a series of phone support meetings operated within the fellowship of Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous (all 1 hour; all times Eastern):

Monday, 8:30 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Tuesday, 2 pm Dial: 213-289-0500; code: 22657

Wednesday, 8:30 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Thursday, 8:30 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Friday, 11:30 am Dial: 213-289-0500; code: 22657

Saturday, 4 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Sunday, 10 am (men's), Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Sunday, 4 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Audio files of past meetings are also available.

Food addiction treatment on "Nightline"

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The boomlet in mainstream media attention to the legitimacy of food addiction continues tonight on ABC’s “Nightline” program when its cameras follow Laurie U., a binge eater, into a treatment center devoted to eating disorders and then into her transition homeward afterward.

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