Uncertain over problem eating

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Andre Braugher, right, eating as usual.Georgie and I have been watching, and enjoying, "Men of a Certain Age," the Ray Romano/Andre Braugher/Scott Bakula show on TNT. I think they have three believable characters, none of them perfect by any means, but textured, sympathetic, and believable.

But a plotline in the most recent episode stumbled a bit, on a topic I think worth raising.

Eating trends

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Yeah, OK, so I've been MIA forever, and probably, that's likely to continue. Georgie's family leave ends today, and I'll be finally taking on the full reality of what I set out to do when I left the Globe almost three years ago — be the full-time caregiver for my child. (His name is Joe; you can view photos here if you want.)

Same idea, different source

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The previous post expressed pleasure at the latest anti-clean-coal ad released by the Alliance for Climate Protection, and semi-giggled over the prospect of "my" side having the cash to match an evil-industry group's ability to puts its view before a slack-jawed television nation.

This one will semi-giggle about "my" side having a firm-enough foothold in the zeitgeist that entertainment television can find profit in creating the same sort of energy-titan spoofs that the "Reality" ads are doing.

Fouling the air

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The Alliance for Climate Protection is out with another Reality ad about the utter dishonesty perpetrated by the coal industry every time it promotes the term "clean coal." This one has the added attraction of having been directed by Ethan and Joel Coen, creators of some of the funniest, darkest, most engrossing films ever (Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, Blood Simple, Fargo, No Country for Old Men, etc.).

The smart-grid Super Bowl

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It was surprising, and pleasing, to see an ad for the smart grid during yesterday's Super Bowl. 

In case you missed it, the ad was one of two (or more; maybe I missed it) by GE's ecomagination brand. It gave a gig to Oz's scarecrow, singing an adaptation of "If I Only Had a Brain," only the "only if" applied not to the singer but to the grid itself.


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