Things you don't know about diabetes, or that you do

A guy cold-called me the other day, essentially asking for a link to a graphic his organization created about diabetes, hoping to "get this conversation outside of just the diabetes blogosphere." I said sure.

Part of his idea was that I would share what I learned from reading the graphic, but there wasn't much. Apparently, stuff I think anyone knows isn't as widely known as I'd have thought. Stuff like:

Put yourself before the stigma others put on you

I’m generally down with the message of self acceptance at the core of actress Jennifer Lawrence’s presentation to Yahoo employees, reported in this HuffPo post.

But to play off her phrasing, this is just dumb:

“You look how you look, you have to be comfortable. What are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That's just dumb."

As if these are the only options? 

Madness, but hey, it's Halloween

Often, we can see how askew our norms are, just by taking a step or two back from them.

Today’s case in point is how all over America, adults are trying to dispose of the floods of candy that came into their house for Halloween, either cadged by their kids last night at their neighbors’ doors, or perhaps because fewer than expected of their neighbors’ kids came cadging at theirs.

Happy birthday to our boy

My wonderful boy, Joseph, was born in the late afternoon 4 years ago today in a Saginaw, Mich., hospital. His birth mom had said that would be the day and she was right — little of the drama and uncertainty that I've heard is so often part of that natural process.

Smart, energetic, observant, fun-loving, somewhat obedient, well-liked by his peers, athletic, creative, he's a good boy. Georgina and I are so lucky to have him in our life. In the biggest sweepstakes imaginable, we hit the lottery.

Greetings from Melbourne

I got an inquiry from a woman in Melbourne who'd read my book yesterday.

Ideally, I'd have a point here, to say something like, "...and I thought her point was worth discussing with a larger audience." That way, I could slip in the info that a reader in Melbourne frickin' Australia had written to little old me, without looking like I was just crowing that I have a reader from Melbourne frickin' Australia.

"Shaming and blaming people rarely leads to successful change"

Welcome to another installment of "10 Words or Less," in which I ask brief questions of interesting people and ask for brief responses in return. Today's participant is the author of the Yale Food Addiction Scale, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan, and a researcher bound for greatness.

Please, Mrs. Obama, don't go on "Biggest Loser"

I don't generally sign online petitions because I question what they truly reflect, but occasionally one raises an issue important enough to lift me above my cynicism. It is far more occasional that I also write to tell others about the effort and to ask them to sign as well.

Spoof as truth: Funny or Die does the Chipotle ad

This came into my view thanks to @yonifreedhoff. It's a Funny or Die spoof of a Chipotle ad that Dr. Freedhoff set up as, "if you've seen that, you've got to see this." And I'm sure he's right. But I *haven't* seen the Chipotle ad, and I still say "you've got to see this."


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