Bullied into anorexia?

I dunno about this:


A federal judge has approved a settlement of $55,000 in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit by a woman who claims her daughter was bullied into anorexia. Mary V. filed the lawsuit against the Pittsburgh, Pa. Schools last August on behalf of her daughter, who is now 15. Her daughter cites daily harassment by boys during the 2006–07 and 2007–08 school years, when the girl was in sixth and seventh grade. The harassment involved unrelenting taunting about the girl’s weight, including comments about her being “fat.” She subsequently developed anorexia, and entered an inpatient treatment program for because her weight was “dangerously low.”


I'm not saying it's bullshit, but I'm not sure, either. I was taunted for my obesity as a child, and I didn't become an anorexic. BUT, I did become a compulsive overeater, and it is another side of the anorexic coin.

The skepticism that I have is that, in my experience, the taunting was just another unpleasant fact of my life then. It didn't help, certainly, but the eating came first, obviously, which to me is a sign that problem eating may already have begun in this child, and that she brought it to school.

Granted, I grew up in a quite different era (late '60s, early '70), but I can't imagine how even a rabid no-tolerance policy could have saved me from what I became. 

Story from the Philadelphia Examiner, via a blog I've now lost track of. My apologies to you, whomever you are.

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