problem eating

To know, you have to try

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I didn't pick up "Change or Die," Alan Deutschman's 2007 book, for any reasons related to my food or sustainability interests. It was recommended, somewhat forcefully, by Sid Falthzik, who is helping to mentor me in the Fast Track Speaker Academy put on the New England Chapter of the National Speaker Association.

Maybe, some foods are better never eaten

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I have a strong reaction when I hear nutritionists and/or registered dietitians say that wouldn't advise a client to give up any foods, because that would be deprivation and no one sticks with deprivation.

I apologize in advance, and again reiterate that I'm not a registered dietitian or any other kind of clinician, but those people, in my opinion, don't know what they're saying. (You can judge for yourself whether I do.)

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