To me, not a disease. (But still a problem!)

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So now obesity is a disease, huh? As I first wrote last July (“Obesity isn’t a disease, but it still sucks”), I can’t say I agree.

Yes, my declaration carries substantially less weight than the American Medical Association’s, because, you know, they’re the big market movers in the disease business. But that’s how it strikes me.

ABA on the phone

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From my friend Marty Lerner, major domo at the Florida treatment center Milestones In Recovery, I learned of a series of phone support meetings operated within the fellowship of Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous (all 1 hour; all times Eastern):

Monday, 8:30 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Tuesday, 2 pm Dial: 213-289-0500; code: 22657

Wednesday, 8:30 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Thursday, 8:30 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Friday, 11:30 am Dial: 213-289-0500; code: 22657

Saturday, 4 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Sunday, 10 am (men's), Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Sunday, 4 pm Dial: 858-216-3378; code: 22657

Audio files of past meetings are also available.

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