The Washington Post calls again

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A writer at the Washington Post was in touch on Friday, asking me to offer a few sentences on my healthy eating goals for the New Year. Here's what I sent...

God willing, I’ll go another year following my nutritionist’s plan for me, which proscribes not only refined sugar and refined grain but several other foods that I’ve proven I don’t eat moderately. I’ll continue to seek out whole foods grown sustainably, including in my two organic veggie gardens; my goal is not only to feed our family tasty, nutritious food, but to show our 2-year-old, Joseph, that nutrition matters, and so does living our values. And I’ll keep spreading the science and experience of food addiction to all who will listen.

As an editor and writer of three decades' standing, I know that no guarantee exists about whether my comments will, in fact, be published, just because someone asked. Still, I was super-pleased to be asked.

As to the "again" of the headline, there's this column from January.

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