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Seeds of Change donating 25 million seeds to school gardens: http://bit.ly/I7HqKL [RT of Ann Cooper @chefannc]

2 interactive #farmbill spending charts, and 4 congressional ag committee maps: http://FarmBillPrimer.org #foodbill

EWG Farm Bill Platform | Environmental Working Group:http://www.ewg.org/agmag/2012/04/ewg-farm-bill-platform/#.T5lAgJTGztg.twitter ... I know, I know: the farm bill? But if you care about food and fairness, this is a key battleground of the year. And EWG has the goods.

Snacks provide one-third of ‘empty calories’ in US diets: USDA research http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Market/Snacks-provide-one-third-of-empty-calories-in-US-diets-USDA-research?utm_source=AddThis&utm_medium=Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialMedia/#.T5kjjozKAxE.twitter via @FoodNavigatorUS ... I’m surprised it’s not more. Nutritious and snacks are not concepts often seen hanging out together.

Yikes, this is CNN-nane: http://shar.es/rL5DC via@jimromenesko.com 

Lets stop "fighting obesity" or "war on obesity" or other such violent, vapid phrases. Need to grow food justice movement instead. [RT of Michele Simon @appetite4profit]

Self-inspection is a joke in any industry. MT @JimAvilaABC: USDA to let industry self-inspect chicken http://abcn.ws/IMpdla@ABCWorldNews [RT of Nancy Heuhnergarth @nyshepa]

#Klout thinks I'm influential in agriculture. Poor, misinformed Klout.

Bought two hundred thousand Twinkies today in case they go bankrupt. They keep, right? [RT of @albertbrooks]

@hellerNYT Nice hire! ... Scott Heller, now at the New York Times, hired Wesley Morris, the Boston Globe’s most recent arts-writing Pulitzer winner. I applied for the job that Wesley got.

I join the chorus of joy for #WesleyMorris. I can't imagine anyone no happy for him. #pulitzers

She's the world's healthiest person http://dlvr.it/1RgWc4

Titanic 100 years wOw. Global warming couldve saved titanic. Sad to say [RT of @JoseCanseco] ... It took me a while to decide whether this was real or a parody, but it’s one of those rare breeds: real but sounds like a parody.

Would love to host SNL and would donate pay to greenpeace .Does anyone know how to contact Lorne Greene ?Please help me make it happen! Hugs [RT of @JoseCanseco] ... At least, I’m pretty sure it’s real.

Our #government told us to eat a #diet that serves business, not#health, a #diet that makes us #sick. #takebackyourhealth [RT of markhymanmd]

Tweeted this two days ago, but still loving it: Verlyn #Klinkenborg on the folly of #BigAghttp://e360.yale.edu/feature/the_folly_of_big_agriculture_why_nature_always_wins/2514/#.T4L6QOopbs4.twitter

RT @StopCorpAbuse Release: Children's hospitals urged to show McDonald's the doorhttp://www.stopcorporateabuse.org/node/1655 [RT of @Sriram_Madhu]

Other gross crap that's in your food, via HuffPost:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/food-republic/6-ingredients-food_b_1400970.html?utm_campaign=040912&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Alert-food&utm_content=Photo#s852350&title=TBHQ_AKA_Butane

Excellent story on dietetic association's efforts to exclude non-RDs from giving nutrition advice. Forbes http://onforb.es/HZFc3i#outacontrol

Cereal-- toxic crap disguised as health food. http://www.icontact-archive.com/NsBpmvLZIc8uRVDhOnSDZ9iJEZzou6g3?w=4

An interview with Annie Leonard (The Story of Stuff), on the value of the commons:http://www.alternet.org/food/154285/goodbye_overconsumption:_why_the_commons_can_save_us_from_drowning_in_too_much_stuff

You gotta check out this UN guy, on the right to food:http://michaelprager.com/united-nations-right-of-food-olivier-de-schutter-nutrition-processed


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