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You may have noted my post yesterday on the lawsuit filed in California to prevent toys being used to entice young children to bay for a particular fast-food meal. I'm against marketing of unhealthy food to kids too young to distinguish between reality and advertising puffery, so I'm for the suit.

Here's how a monied special-interest group pimping for the restaurant and food-products industry framed the suit (no link provided, intentionally): 

McDonald's sued over "happy meal"

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has sued McDonald's in California over the fast-food giant's use of toys as come-ons to kids to purchase their products.

According to an NPR dispatch, "The lawsuit asserts that under California's consumer protection laws, McDonald's toy advertising is deceptive. It targets children under 8 years old who don't have the ability to understand advertising."

In the Morning Call (updated)

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I was delighted to see this morning that the Morning Call, a newspaper in Allentown, Pa., picked up the Hartford Courant's Q&A with me. So, hi to all my new pals in the Lehigh Valley.

Added 12/14: Turns out, the Courant is part of the Health Key, and the story ran in quite a few places across the country: South Bend, Ind., Chicago, New Orleans, and other places I'd know if I had more patience for Googling. 


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