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Not to be redundant, but to catch all my new readers up to speed, my issue is food addiction, both personally and professionally. I am a food addict, and I believe that well more than 10 million Americans are as well.

In one slight sense, it doesn't matter. My extensive experience is that when I accepted standard addiction treatments that go back decades, I started losing weight and now I've kept about 160 pounds off for almost two decades.

With results like that, who cares what they call "it," right?

Food addiction workshop

This post relates to the one immediately before it, but I wanted to give it its own headline: The acquaintance between Dr. Tarman and the Acorn folks has led to a five-day food-addiction workshop at the Renascent Center in Toronto beginning Oct. 20.

To register, you can call Sandra Elia at 416-986-0006. 

Help ReStore, and help yourself

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An arm of Habitat for Humanity sells donated building materials, appliances, and furniture and uses the money to advance the cause of affordable housing. In addition to the money raised, jobs are created and a bunch of useful stuff is kept from the landfill.

You probably knew all that. 

Anyway, a new ReStore, as the retail operations are called, is opening in West Roxbury, and they're looking for a manager. Follow this link to check out the particulars.

Could it be more basic?

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A basic fact of life is its necessities: Food, clothing, and shelter. Gotta have those to live, right?

I focus on the first of the three, of course. A recurring thought I've been having recently is also pretty basic: We cavalierly call a favored class of this necessity, this building block of life, "junk food." And, for most people, it's an everyday choice.

Willingly, so many of us freely build our health on a stream of junk.

We think we're so smart.



On sale at Harvard

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A huge difference between the traditional and self-publishing routes is where the books sell. Authors on the former path can expect to have their books sold in thousands of bricks-and-mortar locations, by virtue of their mainstream publishers' solid distribution deals with very large retailers.

Talking about fat

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I point you to a pop-culture-filled discussion on obesity over at designobserver.com. Obesity is an topical outpost for the site, which comments from a design perspective. Business reasons brought me, just in time, to two posts in recent days by design heavyweight (but very fit person) Jessica Helfand on the over/under nature of problem eating. 

Proof approved!

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If you and I are hooked in via the Fat Boy Thin Man Facebook page, or my personal FB page, or fatboythinman on Twitter, then you may already know this: We approved the proof of the paper version on the book last night! I ordered 100 copies to start, to be used almost entirely for promotional purposes.

Now that I actually have the book and am no longer hoping to see it "sometime soon," we can set an official release date, and I'm aiming for the latter half of October. I hope to be able to announce a date, well, "sometime soon" — next week, maybe.


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