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Lying, misleading, or both?

I haven't recently visited the boneheads at the "Center for Consumer Freedom" (an intentionally misleading name for a bunch of restaurant and food-service industry interests) for a while, but not because they've stopped being boneheads. I just decided that it wasn't good for my soul to speak only negatively, and there is nothing (OK, very little that I'm aware of) else that can be said of these ... people.

A call for help

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Georgie and I have contributed to Cradle to Crayons in the past, and we got this notice this morning:


As the cold weather approaches, C2C has seen a sharp increase in requests for winter essentials, and our clothing supply is running dangerously low.

We are in need of boys' and girls' winter clothes, especially pants sizes 2T through adult sizes. To help local children stay safe and warm this winter, we need your help!

Fat poll

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One of the ways I express why I wrote "Fat Boy Thin Man" is to say that if you and I canvassed any random group about "solutions" to obesity, they wouldn't respond with anything like my experience. Since my experience works (for me), and the best-known "solutions" don't seem to be solving much, I figure I have valuable information to share.

The science of food addiction

I commend to you this article on The Delano Report (drzarkov.com) about how food addiction, "considered fringe just five years ago, is fast becoming a mainstream view among researchers as new studies in humans confirm initial animal findings, and the biological mechanisms that lead to 'junk-food addiction' are being revealed."

As off-topic as I can get

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I can't imagine why a single reader would care what I think about local Boston sports radio, but hey, I've had these thoughts for a while, and I've got a forum, so what the hey. Please feel free to skip right over it.

I've always found the WEEI morning guys, Dennis and Callahan, to be assholes. Mean, smug, narrow-minded. Real assholes. But if I wanted anything near sports discussion in the car in the morning, I was stuck with them. Usually, I would bail after a few minutes, when I couldn't take their half-truth crap any longer.

The burden of vegetables

The NYT looks at vegetable-eating habits in America, and the trends are not good.

Quoting a study by market researchers the NPD Group, it said that "the number of dinners prepared at home that included a salad was 17 percent; in 1994, it was 22 percent. At restaurants, salads ordered as a main course at either lunch or dinner dropped by half since 1989, to a mere 5 percent."


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