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It's fish wrap by now, but...

Last week when the Marie Claire blogger scare was going on, I was asked to weigh in at CommonHealth, a blog operated by WBUR. I was grateful to be asked and pleased to participate. 

The short version of this was, it isn't so bad, to me, that the blogger said she doesn't find fat people aesthetically pleasing. Honestly, neither do I. And here's the key point: Neither do most fat people I know! They aren't proud of how they look, and they don't much like seeing others. 

"Born Round"

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I had some pretty good selfish reasons to want not to like "Born Round," New York Timesman Frank Bruni's memoir, but I was unable to escape the obvious: The book is terrific.

I won't give a full-fledged rave because, with his perch at the NYT, his incredible connections beyond, his stunning array of to-die-for blurbers, his impossbily accomplished resume, and his sophisticated-but-not-showy writing style, he doesn't need it.

The green oil change

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Honestly, I never heard of a "green" oil change. But my pals over at Mike's Automotive in Somerville say they're offering one now, and I believe them.

Yes, I could be falling for a heinous act of greenwashing, but I've been relying on this business for 17 years, and if they're lyin', I'm a complete fool and you probably would have to question anything I say. Nevertheless, I trust them.


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