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Obesity by numbers

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I've had cause to cite obesity stats from time to time, but chacha.com, a website I'd not heard of before today, brings them together in a nicely done infographic.

Among the datanuggets: 8 of 10 kids aged 10-15 who are overweight will be obese as adults. I fit into that cohort, even if I'm now escaping obesity with daily maintenance.

And: I knew the US was the heaviest nation on earth, by percentage of population, but I didn't know Mexico was second. Britain, Slovakia, and Greece complete the big five. C'mon, Canada, why so fit? 

"Men have been traditionally underrepresented..."

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This is another in an occasional series on people who are working on behalf of problem eaters. If you've seen one of the others, you know the drill: I ask questions of 10 words of less, ask for answers of 10 words or less in return, and then edit a bit.

Founder, National Association for Males with Eating Disorders

Do you have an eating disorder?“I had an eating disorder, anorexia.”

We gave up our farm share

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We had a summer and then a winter share from Enterprise Farms, located in western Mass. but with an Arlington drop-off point (someone's garage), but chose not to renew for a second summer.

Unlike with our first CSA, from the local Busa Farm, we didn't stop because we were unhappy, although the winter share was not satisfying — substantially more money for less variety: We had torrents of grapefruit and beets, which we didn't want and couldn't use, while even things we do like, such as potatoes, were so overwhelming that we came to miss any other starch. I would not recommend it.

CBS goes for the fat jokes

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I wanted to acknowledge, but not spend too much time on, "Mike and Molly," a sitcom CBS has purchased for the fall. I watched its clip online and it appears it will be very much like pretty much every other sitcom, with extra fat jokes thrown in.

Fat jokes are a sitcom staple, of course, but usually they've come from the nebbishy fat guy, or the brassy fat woman. But Mike and Molly meet in an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, and hilarity ensues from there. Presumably.

Fat Boy Thin Man group on Facebook

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As the left column of this page touts, I've written a book, "Fat Boy Thin Man," and will be releasing it within weeks. 

Yesterday, I sent out a Facebook notice for the book's group page, and you, of course, are most welcome. Last time I checked, 145 friends had signed up, which I'm most grateful for. (Yes, I've been checking regularly. I'm like that.)

Here's the FB link.

Food addiction treatment on "Nightline"

The boomlet in mainstream media attention to the legitimacy of food addiction continues tonight on ABC’s “Nightline” program when its cameras follow Laurie U., a binge eater, into a treatment center devoted to eating disorders and then into her transition homeward afterward.


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