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The green oil change

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Honestly, I never heard of a "green" oil change. But my pals over at Mike's Automotive in Somerville say they're offering one now, and I believe them.

Yes, I could be falling for a heinous act of greenwashing, but I've been relying on this business for 17 years, and if they're lyin', I'm a complete fool and you probably would have to question anything I say. Nevertheless, I trust them.

Walmart, the locavore

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Walmart is a giant in the world of sustainability — well, it's the giant in any world in which it strides.

Last week, it raised its sustainability quotient, vowing to "put more locally grown food in Wal-Mart stores in the United States, invest in training and infrastructure for small and medium-size farmers, particularly in emerging markets, and begin to measure how efficiently large suppliers grow and get their produce into stores," the New York Times reported.

Toys shouldn't sell food

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Here's an approximation of a letter I sent to the San Francisco city supervisor who is the swing vote in an effort to bar toys from being used as incentives to purchase food:

One in three children born today will develop Type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. Based on current rates of overweight and obesity, more will suffer a range of debilitating chronic diseases related to diet.

Another whole-hog whole-food eater

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I don't have much to say about Shain's choice, which is to eat only raw foods. But one thing he said is that he's done it before, and every time he does, his constantly runny nose clears out in a day or two. Sounds like an allergy to something processed, though of course, I'm no doctor. I bet there are millions of people, literally, who would really benefit from doing this kind of foods exploration.

Going "paleo" and food addiction

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I happened across a well-written blog by "VB" this morning that had a couple of points of interest to me. The url is healthygumsandme.blogspot,com, which she explains in one of her first posts: The dental hygienist told her, at the end of a visit, that she'd reset the cleanliness in her mouth, and it was up to her to keep it up there. And unlike other times, she did, for more than a month, and then realized she could apply that same discipline to other habits, including her eating.


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