It really is a disease, and people really die from it

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An Ottawa joint puts out an ad with a photo of its burger and the line, "Help us fight anorexia."

"Wow," I think, "what tone-deafness. They're making light of disease to make a buck! Who does that?"

And then I read the comments: One after another with similar themes: "Wow this is outrageous, people seriously need to lighten up a little bit. Politically Correctness and bleeding heart lefty liberalism is destroying this country," and "I know where I'll be having my next burger..Thanks for the tip CBC."

I had to go 30 or so comments deep before finding one that took the sober side, saying in part, "If an ad somehow used cancer in a joking way to sell a product, it would not be appreciated by most." Completely true, so the difference is that all the scoffers just don't think anorexia is serious.

And this is for anorexia, completely established in popular and establishment thinking as a legitimate disease from which people die.

And I despair, just a bit more, for the time when other forms of food addiction will enter mainstream thinking.

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