The future of wellness, published in Corporate Wellness Magazine

I have another piece in Corporate Wellness Magazine, this time a reported piece despite its having been labeled a column.

Headlined "The Future of Wellness," it asks wellness leaders at Southwest Airlines, L.L.Bean, and other companies what they're trying to achieve, and what's working for them. The story posted a while ago, but I realized this morning that I never shared it here. 

It's good. You should read it. 

Ideas behind "It Matters," in a Pittsburgh op-ed

I've written op-eds on other subjects, but today's piece published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is my first following the line of my forthcoming book, "It Matters." I argue that nature is humankind's pre-eminent guide to survival and that following its lead not only solves our environmental problems, but many personal ones as well.

Please comment here, and share widely.

What I'm doing on my summer "vacation"

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My summer of not blogging/not tweeting/barely FB-ing continues, as I tend to other portions of my outreach to the world.

One part of that is the stories I've been writing in the Boston Globe food section, which almost always spring from the sustainable-food world. The latest entry, on the locavores' increasing interest in natural fermentation as the way to preserve summer's bounty, is published today.


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