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"Your Weight Matters," the "Bariatric Bad Girls" and more

Final notes from the inaugural “Your Weight Matters”ment that seeks to address issues around obesity is that our issue is not about — and shouldn’t be regarded as — fashion, but about health. Some obese people escape the many adverse health effects related to the condition, and people who are not obese do experience those conditions.

Better off focusing on things I can change

More notes from the inaugural “Your Weight Matters” conference in Dallas...

They played the Jennifer Livingston video (she’s the Wisconsin anchorwoman who was flamed in e-mail for being overweight) at the opening session, declaring her as a hero for standing up to the cretin who wrote to her.

OAC isn’t the only weight-advocacy group to praise Livingston, and I continue to struggle with that stance.

At "Your Weight Matters," bariatric two-timers

More notes from the inaugural “Your Weight Matters” conference last weekend in Dallas...

The "Center for Consumer Freedom," the Big Food-funded mouthpiece whose falsehoods begin with its name, cites the “latest study” when it serves its purposes, and mocks it the rest of the time. Sometimes this happens in back-to-back posts. They deserve the scorn of every thinking person on earth. But anyway.

Weight-loss one-upsmanship

More notes from the inaugural “Your Weight Matters” conference last weekend in Dallas...

Even though my chief topic is fast becoming sustainable personal change, and has never been strictly about weight loss, one of my “selling points” is that I’ve lost 155 pounds. The number tends to grab people’s attention, and then my challenge is to capitalize on that attention for the forces of good.

A 365-pound loser, and other tales from Dallas

Wringing out from Sandy’s glancing blow to our home, I have a few anecdotes to share from my attendance over the weekend at the Obesity Action Coalition’s first “Your Weight Matters” conference.

I went hoping first to sell books, the first time I’d tried the trade-show route, and my experience did not rise to even my most tamped expectations. Oof.

"Your Weight Matters" conference in Dallas

Friday and Saturday, I'll be in Dallas at the first "Your Weight Matters" conference hosted by the Obesity Action Coalition.

I'm looking forward to meeting many of the several hundred folks who are registered, and hope to sell a few copies of "Fat Boy Thin Man" while I'm there.

I'll be sharing booth real estate with Meredith Terpeluk, a friend and colleague who has just released her book, "Healthy Voice."

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