Weight-loss one-upsmanship

More notes from the inaugural “Your Weight Matters” conference last weekend in Dallas...

Even though my chief topic is fast becoming sustainable personal change, and has never been strictly about weight loss, one of my “selling points” is that I’ve lost 155 pounds. The number tends to grab people’s attention, and then my challenge is to capitalize on that attention for the forces of good.

Being is a room where lots of people have dropped three digits, I was able to observe that apparently we are not an uncompetitive lot. A couple of times, my bandying my number quickly drew the return volley: “I’ve got you beat. 185!”

Yes, that’s just one person, but it’s fair enough as one representation of my experience that I’m OK sharing it.

And, my impression is, it wasn’t just related to present company. It’s just that it’s not often I’m among folks for whom three-digit weight changes come up often.

More conference notes to come ...

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