Barns a-raisin'

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The Boston Climate Action Network, in conjunction with Boston Workers Alliance, The Green Roundtable and NEXUS, and Boston Building Materials Co-op has put together a neighborhood weatherization party next weekend in Jamaica Plain. The event will be led by professional volunteers including Paul Marquis, green house doctor at the Green Roundtable. Participants will not only be striking one more blow against climate change, but they'll learn more about weatherizing and meet others with similar interests. Organizers request that people intending to show up to let them know by calling Loie at 617-278-1885; that way, they'll know how many tradespeople they need for training. Child care may also be available, so mention if you want to bring your kids. There's more information here, at Nexus/Green Roundtable. A note about the headline: No, no one's raising a barn, but in the 21st century, the phrase has retained its community spirit but increasingly refers to helping neighbors seal up their houses or otherwise make them more energy efficient.

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