A comrade in the food wars

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I met up with a few new comrades at the Promising Practices in Food Addiction Recovery conference last weekend in Houston. One of them is Meredith Terpeluk, who works with problem eaters in South Bend, Ind. I expect I'll refer to her at least occasionally, by virture of her blog at reachcorewellness.wordpress.com.

Here's an entry she posted this week on a recent Oprah show on diabetes and sugar. In her discussion, Meredith references a documentary by Nancy Appleton that I saw for the first time while at the Houston conference. Though definitely polemical, "Suicide by Sugar" make a convincing case for sugar as a destructive, cancer-causing substance. It highlighted a more than one instance of a nonprofit health advocacy group softening its position on the health merits, or demerits, of refined sugar.

You might want to check it out, and Meredith's blog, too, for yourself.


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