Fools in the comment section

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If someone would pay me, I do believe I could make a complete living just debunking — and ridiculing — the boneheads who troll the comments sections of interactive media. This one appeared in reaction to an item by Beth Daley of the Globe about a suit filed regarding Reggie, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative:

The smart-grid Super Bowl

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It was surprising, and pleasing, to see an ad for the smart grid during yesterday's Super Bowl. 

In case you missed it, the ad was one of two (or more; maybe I missed it) by GE's ecomagination brand. It gave a gig to Oz's scarecrow, singing an adaptation of "If I Only Had a Brain," only the "only if" applied not to the singer but to the grid itself.

Power Past Coal

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Powerpastcoal.org is a new-to-me site focusing on organized efforts during the first 100 days of the Obama presidency to move the nation beyond coal dependence.

It is a clearinghouse where advocates can join an action, or start one with support from others engaged similarly. It is affiliated with 350.org.

To join one, you can enter a zip code and see what's happening in your region. 

Turbine raised

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I wrote previously about the wind turbine coming to the McGlynn School in Medford, and as the accompanying photo (by Susan Altman of the Mass. Climate Action Network) shows, it is now up.

A ribbon-cutting (must be one l-o-n-g ribbon) is set for Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.


Alas, it wasn't just campaign claptrap

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During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama gave lip service to nuclear power (with provisos that would appear to rule out much support, at least for the foreseeable future); "clean coal," which of course exists only as a slogan of a can't-be-bygone-soon-enough inddustry; offshore drilling; biofuels; and other environmentally questionable choices.

At least, I'd hoped it was lip service, but it appears he meant it. I'll give him points for being truthful, but I'm disappointed nevertheless.


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