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Inspiring, provocative

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I've recently come in contact with Mats Lederhausen, a former McDonald's leader who has some very interesting, inspiring, and provocative positions on the future, specifically about business but, to me, applicable to our world beyond. I didn't intend to share anything about him today, and don't expect to come back to him in the future.

But this comment, found here, is just plain worth sharing...

CSA sharecropping

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The facet I like most about Charlie Radoslovich's Rad Urban Farmers business model is that he is a farmer without any land. From the top, you know he's either a wacko or on to something significant. I'm thinking it's the latter.

He told me he didn't devise the ideas, but he's certainly on the front edge of the wave. If he's successful, think how much land under lawn-grass cultivation could be converted to productive use.

Icon of design

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Congrats to Icon Architecture. It won awards for two of its affordable housing projects, Egleston Crossing in Roxbury and Maverick Landing in East Boston.

The latter is "Massachusetts’s first green, affordable multi-family housing development, adhering to “healthy homes” principles and achieving LEED certification. [It] is a model for projects funded through the Federal Housing and Urban Development HOPE VI program."

Farmers' market, delivered

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Lauren_Friel_Green_Bean_BostonI've been writing about business ideas to bring better food to your home for quite some time. The first one was Jeff Barry's Boston Organics, years ago, when I was still at the Globe; I had a feature for a while called "A Click Away," I think. More recently, I've written about Gabriel Erde-Cohen's urban/personal CSAs.

Now we can add Laurel Friel, the "queen bean" behind The Green Bean,  a start-up whose idea is to do the shopping for you at the region's farmer's markets and deliver your order to your door. I met her Saturday at the Somerville Climate Action Network's event I wrote about on Thursday. 

Buying our way to salvation

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I flew last week, which undercuts whatever I intend to follow that up with in this post, since hopping cross-country certainly is among puts one among the most egregious petro-users. I went in the name of service, and blah blah blah, but still, worth noting for the benefit of cynics.

In a couple of airports I was in, I noticed a book store touting "eco-totes" as a sales come-on, either as a stand-alone or a get-one-free-with-purchase sorta deal. The message was, help the planet by buying something.


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