Ride 'em and eat

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I'm way late on passing on information of a new endeavor by an old acquaintance, Rosemary Jason. Years ago for the Globe magazine, I wrote about her Pocket Rides, small, laminated cards with suggested routes for cyclists.

Now she's come out with Hungry Nomad Maps, which Jason says concentrate far less on distance and far more on destinations — farms, farmers' markets, wildlife refuges, beaches, and conservation land. 

"They are short rides and walks to local farms and vineyards and are all about riding around beautiful farmland and coastline and discovering the local farms and vineyards. Or, more concisely, munching your way through the local landscape. It's designed for families, casual cyclists, people who would love to do stuff like that but haven't been on a bike in years," Jason said.

For Jason, the project merges two of her passions, cycling and cooking. Last I heard, she's working in Alaska, but for five years she cooked at Cambridge's Oleana Restaurant.  

She's offering two maps so far, one of the South Coast (including Westport and RI points) that focuses on vineyards, and a suburban west version (Lexington-Concord-Lincoln-Acton-ish).

Years ago, I connected with Jason's endeavor because I was into cycling, but I hardly ever go out anymore unless we're at the Cape. But I was always more comfortable riding when I had a destination, and I love the locavore aspect of this effort. 

I'm glad to pass on word of her impressive industry.

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