Charlie Radoslovich: "The environment and good food"

Welcome to another round of “10 Words or Less.” Today’s contestant is the original thinker behind Rad Urban Farmers, about whom I wrote for The Boston Globe a couple of years ago. His gig is to farm on underutilized suburban yards and disperse the produce he grows to the landowners and to CSA and farmers’ market customers. His goal, after each garden is established, is to service them via only a bike and trailer. As you may recall, the idea here is to ask short questions, request short answers, and do a minimum of editing, but the “10WOL” thing is a goal, not a rule, so please, no counting.

Name Charlie Radoslovich (ra-DOS-lo-vich)
Age 40
Residence Arlington, Mass.
Passions “The environment and good food.”
A guilty pleasure “Eating vegetables before they’re fully mature.”
What did you want to be when you grew up? “A lawyer, believe it or not.”
What happened? “That was 3d grade.”

The best job you ever had “I guess I’m doing it.”
What are you trying to prove? “That you can be independent.”
How many clients do you have? “18.”
What’s the furthest one from your house? “8 miles.”
Are things on schedule? “I think so, yes. My long-term goal has always been to be able to educate folks about the environment and I feel like farming allows me to do that through modeling.”
How do you decide what to grow? “It depends on folks’ soil and sun and on my needs.”
Your favorite vegetable to grow “I would probably say mustard greens.”
Why? “They’re beautiful, they come in different textures, and they’re forgiving.”
What’s the most cumbersome tool you can handle on your bike? “Probably hoses.”
Is this a good growing year? “It’s turning into a very good growing year, but I would love a little more water.”
A hopeful sign in your field “More families that are sharing land [with Rad Urban Farmers] are now growing on their land."
What’s the one thing you wish everyone would just get right? “Compost. How to make it, and how to keep it active.”


I have tried to compost in the past and failed miserably. Now I'd like to set up a new system, and I was hoping you might have some resources.

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