Oh, wait, it's self-promotion after all!

I swear, I was going to comment on this post, anyway, before I got to the point where it mentions my name. No, I swear!

It's by Pat Hartman at childhoodobesitynews.com, in conjunction with Dr. Robert Pretlow, and it salutes early adopters of the notion that food addiction exists. It starts out with Nancy Appleton's 1988 book, "Lick The Sugar Habit," includes other friends such as Joan Ifland, who I'll be seeing at week's end in her hometown of Houston, site of the third annual conference of the Society of Food Addiction Professionals.

What I was going to comment on, however, was that it could go back all the way to the early '60s, as I mentioned in yesterday's post on the death of Jack LaLanne. He was speaking publicly about sugar addiction all the way back then. Based on that, he's gotta be the only one in his early-adopter category, and I'm just a very-come-lately. 

That's cool, though; it wasn't a race, and I got there in time, to help save my own ass.

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