(Someone else's) case for food addiction

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I am not, by any stretch, the only voice supporting recognition for food addiction. But since I'm the only writer here, it might sometimes seem that way.

That's one of the reasons that it's such a pleasure to pass on this commentary published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Written by three academics — Dr. Valerie H. Taylor of McMaster University and Claire M. Curtis and Caroline Davis, both of York University — the piece is credible, concise, and persuasive.

Here are its key points, as summarized by the journal:

• The causes of obesity are complex and specific to the individual.
• The core diagnostic constructs and neurologic findings linked to substance abuse are shared by some individuals with weight problems.
• Therapies traditionally applied to the area of addiction may be helpful in managing weight problems.

The entire piece is worth reading. I'm delighted to be on their side.

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