E.O. Wilson on GMOs

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As I continue to read "Naturalist," EO Wilson's biography, bolstered by my exposure to him during the closing session of GreenBuild, I find myself increasingly convinced that everything he says is considered, wise, and valuable. Certainly, this is hagiography, but at least I see it as such, and for today, I'm sticking with it anyway. You can judge as you wish. In his GreenBuild appearance, while talking about water and food scarcity, both of which are worthy topics on their own, he paused for this blanket statements: "Many people are afraid of a super bug. I have looked into it on my own, and I’ll tell you, I’ll give you my summary view, my opinion of what is good and what is good about applied biology in food crops: Genetically modified organisms GOOD. Biofuels BAD." Opposing GMOs, I would say, is generally a lefty position, militating for the natural way and against corporate manipulations. Without knowing much, I have leaned to that view, but now I have reason to reevaluate. And though I've never been much for biofuels — especially the idiotic boondoggle of corn ethanol — they do have considerable political support, even outside the strict bounds of lobbying. But again, EO says no, and I'm listening. Unfortunately, these were only asides, so until I get him on the horn, I'll have to look elsewhere for supporting data. Your input welcome, as always.

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