"Men have been traditionally underrepresented..."

This is another in an occasional series on people who are working on behalf of problem eaters. If you've seen one of the others, you know the drill: I ask questions of 10 words of less, ask for answers of 10 words or less in return, and then edit a bit.

Founder, National Association for Males with Eating Disorders

Do you have an eating disorder?“I had an eating disorder, anorexia.”

When did you realize it? “In high school.”

How did it present itself? “I was restricting my food intake, and I was eating alone.”

What was the worst thing about it? “How it made me feel — more stressed out, more anxious, more depressed than I used to.”

What did you want to be when you grew up? “At the time, I wanted to be a Roman Catholic priest.”

What happened? “I just thought it was not my calling, so i went on to pursue others things.”

Is N.A.M.E.D. your day job? “I just do this voluntarily.”

What work do you do? “I have my own vending business.”

Why an organization only about men “Men have been traditionally underrepresented in eating-disorder organizations and research.”

Tell me something people don’t understand.“That not all males who have eating disorders are body builders.”

What's a significant hurdle to acceptance of eating disorders? “Breaking down’s one’s routine of what they feel comfortable eating.”

How about in a broader context? "Overcoming society’s expectations for how people should appear.”

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