ZNEB: Commercial

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There are 14 recommendations in the commercial sector, a catch-all category excluding public buildings and residential buildings of less than five units.

Among them:

Establish energy performance standards for new construction and major renovations.

Improve the building code for energy requirements.

Require solar readiness for all new construction and major renovations.

Require publicly displayed energy certificates in every building. In a presentation this afternoon, Ellen Watts, a principal at the Boston design and architecture firm Architerra and the chairwoman of this group, said Britain instituted this requirement about 5 months ago.

Allow buildings to sell metered renewable energy to tenants.

Establish an investment tax credit for energy improvements.

In addition, the group contributed to recommendations for workforce development, such as to enable training and licensing of sufficient renewable-energy technicians, waiving or reducing licensing fees, and to technology development, including to promulgate energy-efficiency standards for appliances.


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