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My reaction to this Daily Mail article has a couple of parts, making it worth more than only a tweet but (I hope) less than essay-length bloviation. Yes, I do go on.

The story is about celebs whose bodies might suggest an undereating problem, so they go out of their way to eat big in public while drastically restricting food in private. There's even an acronym for it — the DIPE, a documented instance of public eating. Seriously.

I am quite familiar with the "other" kind of lying about consumption: Even though I overate in public, I saved my most unbridled bingeing for private, so I could avoid others' comments or stares, or merely my own manufacture of what I "knew" they were thinking.

That's the normal-abnormal way. I bet almost everyone knows someone — somewhat well, even — whose body size doesn't reflect his or her behavior. "She eats the same thing I do, but I'm thin and she's not. It's so unfair!" Maybe it's unfairness, and maybe it's EWH (eating while hiding).

This Hollywood thing, though: One kind of unnatural eating in public, another kind in private, all to prove they're normal eaters blessed with genes that allow them to maintain the unnatural body size that everyone wishes they had.

Jeez I'm glad I'm not a celebrity. Seriously.

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