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Swiss chard shootsI don't think I'll be one of those "here's what happened in my garden today" bloggers, but ... something happened in my garden today:

I planted everything from pots except swiss chard and pole beans, and today, I saw multiple pieces of evidence that they're actually going to grow. The chard is emerging meekly, as shoots (right), while the beans are more like eruptions (left). I planted two seeds to a hole, and in a couple of instances, both are coming up. 

I'll just add, in self-justification, once again, that this isn't a gardening hobbyist blog, or so I say. This exercise is feeding my family's connection to nature, it's sustaining us physically, and it's bringing us in closer contact with the food that we eat.

This is becoming especially important to me because of the prism of my food addiction: doing the footwork and surrendering the outcome while still being hopeful and thankful for a good outcome, should there be one.

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