Follow up to yesterday

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My good friend and good reader, Ron, whom I wish would leave comments, rather than replying by e-mail, questioned one of yesterday's posts:

Your recent post about fat addiction would seem to be saying, in essence, that we don't need another scientific study making a link between food and addictive behavior. I couldn't help but note the irony caused by your previous post, which shows we are still trying to convince psychiatrists of that very fact.

I'm revisiting it because I'd be disappointed if I left that impression generally. I will welcome every new study that adds to or confirms what is already established on topics relating food and addiction.

What I wanted to impart was not that the study was unnecessary, but that I wasn't sure it breaks ground.

As I told Ron, to me the issue isn't a lack of research, it's a lack of understanding on the parts of the medical gatekeepers, or perhaps a failure of communication, or of education.

That's where we come in, to trumpet the information that's already available. If nothing else, be sure to mention it the next time you see your doctor.

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