Update from the BBC

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Earlier, I reported that I'd been interviewed for about an hour from London by the BBC show "Horizon," which is equivalent to PBS's "Nova." Yes, it was pretty exciting.

They called back a while later and said, yes, they wanted to interview me on camera during their visit to the States to film a story on food addiction, and there followed a second hourlong phone interview, this time with the show's director.

Then they asked if I'd be willing to fly elsewhere in the States, if they couldn't work out the logistics of coming to Boston. Sure, I said.

Then they said there'd be no need. Oct. 7, at my house, for half a day. Was that doable? Why, yes it was. Not ideal — that's a Sunday, which would put a greater burden on Georgie, and besides, I'd really wanted to go to the Local Food Festival in Boston — but hey, when the BBC calls, you say yes. And maybe you start mentioning to others that the BBC called, and they're coming to my house.

And then they call and say, sorry, our plans changed.

There's not an ounce of fault for anyone. I understand what happened, and it's entirely logical. Additionally, I'd said from the beginning — after 30 years in daily newspaper journalism — that these things are never certain until after they've happened, and even then it can be dicey.

They still might come, much later, if/when the stumbling block clears and they're still interested in doing the story as they'd conceived it. So, it could still happen. But I'm not counting on it.

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