Un-dieting advice, part 4 | Do the minimum

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Over the years, people have occasionally opined that the kit of actions that has allowed me to lose 155 pounds and keep it off 20 years is "a lot." 'Course, "a lot" is a relative term, but not a useful one necessarily. "A little" or "a lot" both miss the point of a desired outcome; "enough" is the only thing that matters:

If you want an outcome, are you doing enough to get it?

And how do you know if it's enough? Within a wholesome range, you can judge by results.

If you're getting the results you want, you're doing enough.

If you're not, you may have do more. That "more" becomes the new minimum." For such fungible things as the human experience, the investment in health and recovery will probably change. To maintain my weight loss, I do more in some areas than I used to, and I do less in others.

But the standard of "enough" remains to be what I need.

In this fourth installment of my "un-dieting" tips, I advise that you do the minimum, but a "minimum" that doesn't necessarily mean "a little."

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