Coal spokesman says, "don't believe anything I say, ever again"

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OK, so I'm practically a media whore for the Alliance for Climate Protection, but I can't imagine being someone's bitch in service of a better cause. The latest clip they're circulating, and that I'm sharing below, is the incredible — that's "incredible," as in "not credible" —  comment from King Coal mouthpiece Joe Lucas ... 


My previous post avers that the denier has a right to his opinion, and I'm sticking with that sentiment, in that case — the guy's a Princeton physicist. but this guy relies on his not being a scientist, and has no conviction whatsoever — he isn't even willing to deny, while he's denying!

What he's really announcing is that you cannot believe anything he says.

If he ever utters a substantive statement, we need only harken to this and remember that his rap is blown forever.

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