Addiction diagnosis isn't an excuse

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Motivated by this post, I'd like to revisit a very important point about food addiction, as I experience and understand it: Getting the diagnosis, which in almost every case is a self-diagnosis, did NOT release me from responsibility for what I eat.

I'll repeat: Nobody ever held me down and forced food into me. I was totally, completely responsible for what I ate — and, I still am!

It strikes me as so nonsensical: When someone is evaluated as an alcoholic, does that mean they can then begin to really drink, 'cause their fault has been removed? Of course not. It's not happy news, but it is most definitely news, and has to be reckoned with.

That's how it was with me, anyway, around the food. And, of course, it's led to my having a normal-sized body for almost 20 years, after 30-plus years as merely fat or wantonly obese.


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