Preston Koerner: "Leave it better than you found it."

Another in a series of miniprofiles of sustainability-minded people who are working to reduce humankind’s footprint on the planet. They're "mini" not only because they're short, but because all the questions are 10 words or less, and the answers are requested to match.

Preston KoernerPRESTON KOERNER, 29, Salt Lake City Lawyer, LEED AP, and founder of Jetson Green, an exceptionally informed website on green building initiatives.

What do you do: “I’m obsessed with green building and with helping other people become obsessed with green building.”

Did you know Jetson Green was going to be such a hit? “Not at all.”

Green epiphany: “Boy Scouts is when it started: 'Leave it better than you found it.’”

Green hero: Steve Glenn of He's one of the original motivators of prefab as we see it today.”

A sustainability practice you’ve recently taken on: “My wife and I try to buy local, organic foods.”

An example of greenwashing that really bothers you: “Just the word ‘green,’ because sustainability and ecology and the environment are more specific. It can include the good with the bad — the ambiguity is where the problem is.”

A technology you’re hopeful about: “Flat-pack and SIPs [structural insulated panels] technology in home construction.”

Design or technology: “Design.”

A bit of blogging wisdom: “Take a leadership position in something you’re enthusiastic about, and then enjoy the ride with everyone involved: commenters, e-mailers, everyone.”

The one thing you wish everyone would get right: “The power of an individual to do something. A lot of people feel someone else can do something, but we can all make a big difference.”

Are we going to make it? “[With gusto:] Of course we’re going to make it, because the people in America are super-innovative and super-creative."

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