Kim Szeto: "Creating a better food system..."

Welcome to another installment of “10 Words or Less,” in which I ask questions, and for answers, of that length. Today’s participant just won the Blue Ribbon Award from the Massachusetts Farm to School Project for her work in the Boston Public Schools. Please remember: No counting! 10 words is a goal, not a rule, and besides, let’s see you do it.

Name Kim Szeto
Born Waltham, Mass., Oct. 27, 1984
Residence Boston
Title "Farm to School coordinator, Boston Public Schools"
What you wanted to be when you grew up “It changed a couple of times, but there was a period when I wanted to be a mailman.”
The best part of your job “Seeing kids getting excited about eating a new vegetable.”
Something you’re passionate about “Creating a better food system that nourishes all people, replenishes the land, and pays its workers fairly.”
Do you grow any of your own food? "Yes. My sister and I share a plot in a community garden."
What kind? "Lots of stuff.  We had tons of Red Russian kale this year. But my favorite is Dinosaur kale and we only had one this year.”

An important thing you learned in college “There are multiple stories in any conflict, and it's a good idea to hear all of them if you’re going to resolve it.”
Do you have a hobby? “Riding my bike around town.”
A bit of wisdom from that hobby “Only run red lights if you can do it safely at grandma's pace.”
Something about yourself that you’ve changed “My major in college. I started as a biology major and eventually designed an independent major with a focus on food justice.”
Would you ever run for public office? “Hard to say. I’m still pretty young.”
Someone you admire “Wendell Berry.”
Someone who deserves more credit "Rosa Badillo at English High School.  She's one of our cafeteria managers and an amazing chef."
Something you wish everyone would just get right “Good foods can be both healthy and delicious.  It's a ‘both/and,’ rather than an ‘either/or.’”

Szeto contributes to a blog about Boston’s school lunch program.


Great to see Kim Szeto get acknowledged for her efforts!

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